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Educational Resources


The following links provide information on societies and organisations associated with wound care management.

Please visit the websites below to access a range of educational resources, which will be able to answer many more of your questions on wound care management.

Societies and organisations

American Burn Association (ABA)
Australian Wound Management Association (AWMA)
Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy
European Wound Management Assocation (EWMA)
European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel
French Wound Healing Society
National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel
Wound Healing Society (WHS)
Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society
Association For The Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC)
Canadian Association of Wound Care
European Tissue Repair Society
South Australia Wound Management Association
Tissue Viability Society
World Council of Enterostomal Therapists


Cochrane Collection - Abstracts of reviews are available free

Medscape is an interactive, multi-speciality, commercial Web service for clinicians and consumers. Thousands of articles in a database that can be browsed and downloaded by speciality.

Medical World Search
Indexes the full content of the major medical sites on the Web, assisted by a theasaurus of 540,000 medical terms, which allows it to automatically search for related terms and do searches by phrases and word groups. Registration required.

Publisher: Blackwell Publishing

Publisher: Kluwer Publications

Publisher: Mosby, Inc

Publisher: Wiley Company

Journal of Wound Care

Ostomy/Wound Management

Wound Repair and Regeneration

Internurse (Mark Allen Publishing Group)

Wound Management Association of Ireland


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